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The ELLE Jewelry line is a fashion extension of ELLE Magazine, which is widely regarded as the largest fashion and beauty publication in the world. The ELLE philosophy of jewelry is that "true style exists only when it becomes personal." Therefore, these jewelry collections are designed to be stylish pieces that complement all silhouettes. This way, you have a wealth of choices and can select and combine the styles that best compliment you and create your own personal look. If you're ready to further develop your ever-evolving style, come into Taylormade Jewelers and ask one of our trained jewelry consultants about our ELLE collection.

This line of jewelry is not just form and no function. All ELLE Jewelry is created from sterling silver, layered with palladium for durability, and finished with a layer of rhodium. These hypo-allergenic materials are resistant to tarnish and the double layering combination promotes shine and durability so you know your jewelry will last for years to come.

Depending on the collection, some ELLE pieces are accented in 14 karat gold plating. While many collections are simply straightforward sterling silver designs, there are many others that feature vibrant gemstones such as blue quartz, mother of pearl, and garnet CZ and also modern materials like epoxy, acrylic, and colorful enamel.

These award-winning collections have been designed as a collaborative effort between ELLE's in-house design team, ELLE's Paris office, and top trend forecasters and stylists. Many pieces have been featured in magazines such as Modern Jeweler and InStyle. Take a look at some of the pieces on this page and you'll understand how ELLE jewelry celebrates personal style in an elegantly affordable way. Whether you're trendy, whimsical, classic, or modern there is something for you in the ELLE Jewelry line. Bangles, bracelets, cuffs, rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings are all reinvented regularly to compliment the way you are always changing.

Ultimately, ELLE believes that you should use jewelry as a celebration of individuality. We agree with this completely, which is why we're happy to carry the ELLE jewelry line. If you have a deep and abiding love for fashion, then ELLE Jewelry is for you and Taylormade Jewelers in Glen Rock, NJ is the place to indulge in that love. Stop in today and let one of our friendly jewelry associates help you pick out the right ELLE jewelry for the fashionista in your life – whether it's a friend, family member, or you!