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Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings in Stock
Engagement Rings in Stock.
For couples looking for that special engagement ring, we offer an exceptional choice over purchasing engagement rings online.

Taylormade Jewelers is where you can select your rings with confidence. Choosing quality rings to celebrate your engagement and wedding is truly rewarding experience for the one who gives as well as the one who receives.

With no beginning or end, rings symbolize eternal love. In ancient times circlets of grass decorated a bride's wrist and ankle, now the bands are precious metals and gems beautifully designed into enduring gifts of love.

Lifelong Relationship
Just like the lifelong commitment you are about to make with your significant other, we want our relationship with you to be a lifelong... and one that spans many generations. Our promise is that we will work harder for your business than any other jeweler. An engagement ring is an important purchase, and we will provide the best options to match your taste, your desires, current trends or past traditions, and above all your budget.

There is a reason we have been in the same neighborhood for more than 25 years. Experience it yourself.

Selection of diamonds and rings
Taylormade Jewelers has a perfect blend of various white gold rings, as well as white gold engagement rings. As a qualified jeweler, we do not recomment purchasing your engagement ring online since you will never know the quality until you've paid for it, and it's in your hands.

Have you been searching online for discount engagement rings because you are worried about finding something within your budget? When you come into our store you will receive service from an educated professional who can help you with the perfect selection that is within that budget. The best part is that you can get in your car and come see our various engagement ring design and ring settings without any outlay of initial cash.

We proudly carry the Genesis Bridal Collection of engagement rings. Click here to view the collection.

Large Selection of Engagement Rings
Large Selection of Engagement Rings.
Are you worried about getting the best value for the diamond you want?
Searching through discount diamonds online and on cheap diamond websites is very misleading. All you see are statistics. But diamond statistics are worthless unless you see the diamond in person. Technical diamond specifications and certified diamonds will never detail the true beauty of a diamond. True beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not the pencil of the mathematician. However, if you are indeed looking for a certified diamond for your custom engagement ring, we can offer you GIA Certified Diamonds, and other certifications on diamonds that come direct from Antwerp.

One such diamond we currently have in the store is the Arges Diamond which has a beauty, fire, and a unique character strong enough to confidently wear it’s own identity as a branded diamond. Each Arges Diamond comes with a musical gem print and an HRD certificate. It is numbered and laser-inscribed on the girdle.

Visit Taylormade Jewelers and allow us to show you our engagement ring selection today.